To support our customers and simplify the logistics processes, we offer you access to an extensive online system. By using it, you can easily retrieve current data and find up-to-date information about the inventory, about goods, about invoices and delivery papers and much more.

So that they can have an overview of their products, we offer our customers a unique service: By using a login area, you can check, for example, where your goods are currently located. In addition, extensive user management services and an exclusive download section are available.

The APLIGO online portal also includes the following features:

  • A listing of the current warehouse inventory with information on products, serial numbers, etc.
  • RMA management with NBD (Next Business Day) and warranty key input
  • A download section with reports, certificates, updates, general technical information, etc.
  • Individual user management services
  • Documents for logistics operations such as UPS real-time tracking, delivery papers, invoices, credit notes, etc.

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