Karlsruhe, 18.03.2008

Apligo launches new Service Portal

APLIGO today announced the launch of the new extranet which will greatly improve the convenience of dealing with the logistics of hardware and services.

Besides the "Warranty"-Module, covering the system for the registration of Appliances, the RMA-Management (where customers can register RMA-cases and view the status of open and closed requests) and the NBD-/(Next Business Day)-System in which NBD-keys can be registered, viewed and checked for validity, three new main modules have been added:

The module "History", which allows customers to access documents like delivery notes, invoices and credit notes and to download them as pdf-files. In this section, customers can also find warranty certificates and even check the current status of shipments/deliveries in transit which happens automatically thru an integrated direct link and data exchange with the UPS-Tracking system (other forwarders will be added at later).

The second is the module "Warehousing" which allows those APLIGO customers, for whom APLIGO keeps and maintains a physical stock of hardware, to receive on-the-spot, up-to-date information on stock levels and products available and products in transit (to and from the warehouse).

The third module, "Downloads", allows to store additional documents related to hardware appliances in several protected data areas (company downloads, public and shared downloads). This way, all hardware-related information can be stored in one single place, providing central and easy access (the management of the materials is done by APLIGO).

"For most software vendors going into the appliance business, services and logistics are often an afterthought, while in reality they make the difference between success and failure. Our new extranet gives our customers a ready-to-use tool to stay on top of inventory, service levels, and costs." explains Marc Emminger, Managing Director of Apligo.