Bruchsal, 25.04.2012

APLIGO launches new appliance production line

APLIGO GmbH is doubling the capacity of its assembly department with the addition of a new production line. A specialist team in Bruchsal has begun manufacturing appliances according to the Build-to-Order Principle (BTO) – for both small and large-scale production. The company has shipped more than 31,000 appliances to customers over the past 12 months.
Appliances on Demand
APLIGO offers customers modular services for all OEM appliances: from production and storage to delivery and support – all the way to RMA management. The new line will be used primarily for small-scale production. However, at peak times, up to 900 appliances leave the APLIGO warehouse each day.
“Through increasingly flexible manufacturing capacities on our production lines, we enable software manufacturers to gain initial experience as appliance providers. In this way, they can first test reception on the market and then decide whether or not they would like to continue to expand their product portfolio. In doing so, we can produce and deliver more flexibly,” explains Marc Emminger, Managing Director of APLIGO GmbH. “Providers already successful within the appliance market also benefit from the assembly and service processes that have been optimized by APLIGO,” he adds.
Complete Package or Modular Services
APLIGO supports its customers both in the selection of hardware and customization of appliances, as well as in the installation of operating systems and software. If the product is successfully introduced to the market, the appliance will be promoted as a turn-key solution reflecting the design of the customer. APLIGO offers OEM and ODM management as well as additional services upon request.

APLIGO GmbH is a leading specialist in the production of OEM appliances. For over ten years, the company has been providing comprehensive services to software vendors for the manufacture of security devices, network monitoring appliances, and other innovative products such as UTM, VoIP, M2M and Archiving. APLIGO also offers all the necessary services related to warranty claims/RMA management, repair and refurbishing. Its customers include leading companies such as secunet, Funkwerk, Smoothwall and Astaro.

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