Optimized processes in manufacturing & service

You profit from our expertise and experience
as specialists in hardware appliances.

With our flexible and modular services,
we provide ideal support to our customers.

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Optimized processes in manufacturing & service


  • APLIGO Image Film

    APLIGO Image Film

    Take a few minutes to watch our new promotional video and learn in an instant what we can do for you. > More

    Appliances in 8 steps

    Appliances in 8 steps

    How are appliances actually produced? Follow the process step by step, from the initial idea to the final product. > More

  • Pre-Production


    We will actively support you from the outset by providing advice on the most appropriate appliance solution. For this purpose, we offer you both technical and logistical support – thanks to our expertise. > More



    Warehousing, cost-efficient delivery of products, organization in the case of warranty and repair: After the production of your market-ready hardware, we can also relieve you of further service activities if required. > More

  • Perfect Project

    Perfect Project

    Together, we can deal with all challenges that may arise when an appliance is added to the product range. We will support you from the selection of appropriate hardware to the handling of your physical products. > More

    Perfect Process

    Perfect Process

    Are you already successful with your appliances on the market? If you are, we can offer you modular services that will actually help you save more time and money. > More

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